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For the last seven years I’ve been working behind the camera for I started TrueExclusives to showcase the positive side of the entertainment world and provide exclusive content; including interviews, performances and behind the scenes footage with some of your favorite celebrities. is basically an extension of me and it’s more of a personal space, where you’ll be able to get to know more about who I am and I can get to know you, by interacting and discussing about a range of topics; that include love, relationships, advice and more. I’ll also be highlighting some people who aren’t necessarily in the entertainment realm, but who are making moves in their own right and trying to change the world with their talents.

So I hope you’ll stick around because I’ll be updating the site regularly. Let’s talk, let’s connect and let’s embark on this journey together!

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  1. Evelyn Rivera

    This is super cool. I am so excited to see who will be showcased on this site. I believe that true humanitarian stories will be read on this site. I congratulate you on bringing the human side into the equation. May God continue to guide you as you embark on this new venture.


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